Famous Bathers: Winston Churchill

Famous Bathers: Churchill

An avid bather who partook in two long & very hot baths each day, we're Sir Winston would have been a certified member of the Tub Club. Much like Napoleon before him Churchill was a man known for a unique duality; on the one hand action, effort and focus. On the other, few things (a World War included) would prevent him from enjoying the warm embrace of the bath - often several times in one day.

But for Churchill, time in the tub was not all relaxation and recovery;

“Churchill became convinced of the merit of the Mulberry Harbors design while in a bathtub on the Queen Mary, as he travelled to Washington to discuss war strategy with President Franklin Roosevelt. Churchill’s scientific adviser, Professor John Bernal, floated paper boats in the prime minister’s bathtub, agitating the water to simulate waves, then used a loofah, or sponge, to demonstrate the pacifying effect of breakwaters. Churchill, who often worked while bathing, saw in that bathtub the answer to the challenge he had issued in the 1942 memo commissioning portable harbours for D-Day”

We've no doubt that Churchill would have been a fan of our Tobacco and Vanilla Soak.

‘Never surrender' except once or twice a week, to Soaks, Salts, and Self.