Famous Bathers: Richard Branson

Famous Bathers: Richard Branson

No Virgin to great ideas, Sir Richard Branson says all his best insights were conceived in the bath: "I like the bath. I love sort of sitting about, relaxing in the bath and having a good think.”

Branson thinks self care and success go hand in hand:

“I think if people don’t look after themselves they’re not going to have busy days. The only way you can actually get everything done is to have those endorphins flowing and to be feeling really healthy. I learned from a young age the art of delegation and that is absolutely critical in my life.”

And the research agrees with these notions:

“You become less aware of your environment and more aware of your internal thoughts,” John Kounios, a psychologist who studies creativity and distraction at Drexel University in Philadelphia, told Wired about why the bath and shower seem to inspire us most. “Not having an explicit task is the main ingredient for random insights.”

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