how to run a bath

How to Run a Bath

Don't be misled - we're not about to tell you how to turn the tap. At BAVE we've come to see bathtime as a form of art; much less messy than a pottery class and altogether more soothing than a trip around the Louvre. As such there are ways, means, and methods for maximizing your time in the tub. Consider this your guide to better bathing.


BAVE How to Run a Bath Environment

The bathroom is your sanctuary; the place you go to relax, recover, recharge and refresh. We're no experts in interior design and so we'll leave that aspect of the experience to Kevin McCloud, but there are things you can do to make your bathing environment more in line with the art of chill.

First - turn the lights down low. Nothing kills the vibe quite like bright white artificial light. To this end, we're huge candle lovers; though we suggest avoiding the scented variety unless you can pair it with the fragrance of a Soak. Secondly, we're not in the garden, but plants are always welcome - they not only thrive in the environment, but they can turn a sterile space into something special. Finally - don't forget to hit the 'Do Not Disturb' setting on your phone - this is your time; share it only with a glass of cold water (hydration is key), Soaks, Salt, and of course, the bath.



BAVE How to Run a Bath Water

What's the meaning of life? Who shot JFK? How hot should I have my bathwater? Important questions all - but sadly we can only help with the latter. So how hot? Truth be told, it's a matter of personal preference, but our rule of thumb is 4 parts hot to one part cold. So if it takes 10 minutes to fill the Tub - let hot water steam for 8 minutes and let the cold roll for the last 2.

Bathroom steam up like the set of ‘The Fog’? Try running cold water first to prevent over steaming.

When we approach our 3 weeks of British Summer and the weather gets warmer we suggest a slight alteration to our formula and would advise a 50/50 cold to hot water split.



mens bath set

The products you use are as important as the environment in which you bathe, the temperature of the water, and the Tub you find yourself sat in.

As you find yourself on you won't be surprised to see us plug our own products (they really are best in the bath biz, but we would say that).

We've tried to make bath products for every purpose:

For those all about Fragrance, there's the Bath Soak Set and Duo Bath Soak Bundle which allow you to envelop yourself in our classic scents made using the finest Essential Oils.

For those with a specific aim in mind, be it relaxation, recovery, aiding sleep, or improving the skin, there is our Benefit Bath Bundle, which pair a Soak with a therapeutic Salt.

A Gift for a bath lover? The Mini Bath Soak Set, Solo Soak, or Essential Set is a perfect introduction to BAVE bath-time bliss.

And if you're a casual bather who enjoys periodic trips to the Tub and wants to attain a little bit of every benefit, the Essential Set is the one for you.

Each Bath Set comes with our Guide to BAVE plus DAVE the BAVE rubber Duck.

The perfect bath in a box.

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