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A warm bath. One of life’s purest and most simple pleasures. Add our essential oil infused Soaks and naturally restorative Salts and the experience is elevated to higher realms of relaxation and recovery. And this got us thinking; what else is surprisingly simple but carries disproportionate pleasure? Sex was out of the question - we want to keep it PG (and it doesn’t travel well in the post). Food is marvellous but far too messy for time in the tub. Then, much like Archimedes, we had a Eureka moment. Beer. But not just beer. Great beer, brewed with love. With this in mind, we searched high and low for a brew that would lend itself perfectly to a bath. A tin in harmony with the Tub. Luckily for us, we found just the thing on our very doorstep. Lost Days, a banging Czech/German style Pilsner, from our friends at Donkeystone Brewing.

Soothing Soak. Therapeutic Salt. Refreshing Beer. The Limited Edition Beer Bath Set.

Get em whilst they’re chilled. Tap on. Clothes off. Can open. Bathroom door closed.

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