BAVE Bath Gift Guide

You're on and so, shock horror, we're going to recommend some of our own products (but they really are the best in the bath biz).

Shameless plugs aside, this Guide is designed to help you pick the perfect present. Whether you're struggling to find a gift set for a man in your life or searching for new and natural products for a lady who loves a Soak, we've got you covered.

Each Set comes with our Guide to BAVE (the perfect bath bible) plus DAVE the BAVE rubber Duck. 


Functional Sets:

Benefit Based Bath Sets

Ideal for helping that pragmatic person unwind, our Functional Sets pair a therapeutic Salt with an amazing smelling Soak of your choosing.

For the gym lover, we recommend the Recover Set featuring Magnesium Salt. This Set is perfect for aiding tired and sore muscles and will give the bather a boost on the road to recovery.

If you want to help a loved one unwind and discover the art of chill, you can't go wrong with our Relax Set, featuring Epsom Salt. Ideal for a soothing Soak.

Know a skin-care specialist? Help them on their way to a glowing complexion with our Recharge Set, featuring Dead Sea Salt, a salt renowned for its benefits on the skin.

For someone missing that Summer Sun there's the Refresh Set, featuring Himalayan Pink Salt, perfect for rousing the senses and bringing brightness to the bathroom.

Pair any of the above with a Soak of your choosing and welcome someone into the benefits of Functional Bath-time bliss.


Essential Set:

Essential Bath Sets

Fancy a bit of every benefit or want a gift for a casual bather who only makes periodic trips to the tub? We'd recommend our Essential Set. This set features both Epsom and Magnesium Salt and a Soak of your choosing. One box. Three bottles. The perfect bath.


Fragrance Sets:

Fragrance Bath Set

If you know a fragrance fanatic or scent specialist there's no better bath-related gift than our Classic Fragrance Set. This Set features all three of our classic essential oil-infused Soaks in 500ml (or 100ml in the Mini variety) bottles. Sweet and rich, floral and woody, spicy and fruity - allow the bather to envelop themselves in the soothing scents of our Soaks.

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