Famous Bathers: Dalton Trumbo

Some use their time in the tub purely for pleasure, others to plot. Writer Dalton Trumbo certainly falls into the latter category:

"He worked at night, often in the bathtub, the typewriter in front of him on a tray, a cigarette in his mouth. On his shoulder perched a parrot I had given him, pecking Dalton's ear while Dalton pecked at the keys."

Famous Bathers: Dalton Trumbo, Bryan Cranston
So ubiquitous was this writing habit that there is even a bronze statue of Trumbo in a Tub in Colorado:

"It is a bronze antique bathtub with a naked 62-year old man lounging with coffee at the ready and cigarette in hand while working on a script. The eccentric Trumbo was known to do his best work writing in the bathtub."

Time spent soaking is never bad, though we much prefer it as a means of relaxation and recovery; fewer pens and paper - more Soaks and Salt.

Famous Bathers: Dalton Trumbo

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