History of Bathing: Budapest

Budapest, ‘the city of spas’, is a metropolis renowned for its bathhouses. The Romans first colonized the area so that they could make use of the thermal springs, making it a city founded on a love of bathing. According to available records, there were 14 baths in the city at that time, some of whose remaining foundations and walls can be seen in Óbuda to this day.

Despite a Roman origin, many of the baths still open today were established by the Turks - another culture with an extreme fondness of soaking. Some of the bathhouses they founded have been operational for 500 hundred years.

"Unmatched even on a world scale, the daily delivery of 70 million litres of 21-78C thermal waters, gushing out of 123 natural hot springs and drilled wells, means that Budapest can proudly proclaim itself as the capital city of healing and thermal waters"

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History of Bathing: Budapest

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