History of Bathing: Forest Bathing

Shinrin-yoku, literally ‘forest bath’, is a Japanese relaxation technique that involves spending time alone in a natural environment, typically a forest or woods. Using all five senses “it is an opportunity for people to take time out, slow down and connect with nature”.

One of its chief proponents, Dr Qing Li, believes that regular forest bathing can help us avoid a long list of physical and mental ailments.

We’re a fan of anything that reconnects us with nature and allows us time to ourselves, though the likelihood of us heading into a forest at 6 pm on a cold Wednesday evening after a long day of work is extremely low.

Unlock the many benefits of bathing from the comfort of your tub and reconnect with nature via our natural and essential oil infused Soaks and Salts.

History of Bathing: Forest Bathing

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