Soak up Summer

Soak up Summer

The Summer Bath Set

The Summer Bath Set

Soak in the Staycation

Soak in the Staycation

It's bath time, but not as you know it

BAVE is a range of uniquely fragranced bathing products that utilise the finest Essential Oil infused Soaks and therapeutic Salts to maximise the spiritual, mental and physical benefits of regular bathing with minimal effect on the environment.

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Chris HB 5* Trust Pilot Review

Great service and high quality products, will definitely be ordering again!

Robert W 5* Yopto Review

Get any of the BAVE products, you won’t be disappointed. Simple.

Helen P 5* Trust Pilot Review

Great products, packaging and service.

John C 5* Yopto Review

Excellent product and first class service.

Rebecca C 5* Yopto Review

Shipping is fast and well packaged and when there was a query on my address the BAVE customer service was bang on.

Chloe 5* Trust Pilot Review

Bought as a gift for my friend and she loves it!

The Benefits of BAVE

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We all know how good it feels to sink into a hot bath, but did you know that the combination of isolation, quiet, and comfort we experience while BAVING can lift our mood and diminish feelings of depression and pessimism?...

If you’re into your exercise you’ll know that a downside can be those niggling muscular aches and pains. Soaking in a hot bath promotes blood flow, which isn’t only great for circulation but can also help tight and sore muscles...

There’s a science behind getting a good night's sleep. At night our body’s temperature naturally drops which begins the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin. Soaking in a warm bath before bedtime raises your body temperature and as you exit...

Heat therapy has been shown to lead to a 40% decrease in all-cause mortality by improving circulation and blood flow, and we’d all like to live longer wouldn’t we?  Research has shown that regularly taking a warm bath can help...

Animal Friendly

A 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free product with no animal testing at any stage.

Environmentally Conscious

We use as many recyclable materials as possible.

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