it all started with a soak

Like all great ideas, ours arrived while having a bath. A genuine Eureka! moment.

We were missing out. Sold on showering we had lost the mental and physical benefits of taking a long hot soak.

Reece and Joe, our original Bathletes, decided to teach the world how to BAVE.

Reece, with a background in retail and sales, was tired of seeing the same floral soak scents with feminine packaging and saw a gap in the market. Joe, who previously worked as a graphic designer, had enough of glittery bath bombs that made him look like Twilight’s Edward after every soak.

So BAVE was born.

BAVE is a range of masculine fragranced BAVING products that utilise the finest Essential Oil-infused Soaks and therapeutic Salts to maximise the spiritual, mental and physical benefits of regular BAVING with minimal effect on the environment.

We want to get you out of the shower and into the bath to experience the spiritual, mental and physical benefits of a long hot soak.

it’s bath time, but not as you know it