Like many a great idea, ours arrived whilst having a bath - a genuine Eureka! moment.

The Boys Behind BAVE

Caught in its warm embrace, surrounded by suds and a build up of bubbles, we thought we could have a better time in the Tub if only we had better bathing products. Though there were few things we enjoyed more than a relaxing bath, we found ourselves fed up with the overly floral, glitter infused Soaks and Soaps that all too often left our skin feeling dry.

What about fragrances we liked in a formula that didn’t leave the skin feeling dry, but actually made it feel much better? And of course, no glitter. Cue months of research and development into what makes for great rest and recovery and one pandemic later, BAVE was born.

We began in the bath, but after fantastic feedback about the feeling, formula & fragrances of our products, as well as innumerable messages asking us to expand the range, we set our sights on several areas of self-care.

From the bathroom to beyond, our entire range delivers maximum benefit, with minimum fuss.

Tap on. Clothes off. Time to Relax, Recover and Recharge.

With Love From The Tub,
Reece, Joe & Dave The Duck