It's bath time, but not as you know it...

Like all great ideas, ours arrived while having a bath. A genuine Eureka! moment.

We were missing out. Sold on showering, we had lost the mental and physical benefits of taking a long hot soak. And whilst they enjoyed their time in the Tub, Reece and Joe, our original Bathletes, were fed up with the glittery bubble-bath and floral fragrances which left the skin feeling dry.

But what do two 20 something-year-old lads from Manchester with backgrounds in Graphic Design and retail know about bath products?

When we first started, the answer was not a lot. But we knew that we always felt great after a Soak. And whilst we felt great, we knew we could feel even better if we used better products. 

So BAVE was born.

We wanted to create a modern version of an ancient tradition, combining uniquely fragranced, essential-oil-infused Soaks with natural therapeutic Salts to create the ultimate bath time experience.

An experience that is available to anybody (with a bathtub), that is clean (obviously) and that is capable of delivering the kind of spiritual, mental, and physical health benefits you normally only get by spending ten years studying with a bald, blind man who calls you Grasshopper.

Tap on. Clothes off. Time to relax, recover, recharge and refresh.

Animal Friendly

100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free. No Animal Testing.

Environmentally Conscious

Recycled Materials, Safe Packaging, Less Waste.

Delivered to You

Fast and Tracked UK Shipping with Royal Mail.