Bath Benefits: Burn Calories

Burn Calories

As advocates of a regular hot bath to improve your mental and physical wellbeing we are always here to bring you the latest scientific proof of the benefits of Baving. But taking a bath to burn calories. Really?

Well, according to a study by Loughborough University you do.

Researchers monitored the energy expenditure and blood sugar levels of 14 men who spent an hour on a bike ride, and an hour in a bath with water heated to 40 degrees Celsius. While participants expended more calories while cycling, they burned 130 calories while taking a hot bath — equivalent to how many calories you would burn on a half-hour walk.

Ok. It’s not Weight Watchers, but the research also highlighted some other interesting facts. After checking the blood sugar of all participants for 24 hours after the tests the blood sugar of the bathers was around 10% lower than the cyclists and the bath also seemed to have the same effect as exercise when it came to the anti-inflammatory response post-activity.

So there you go. If you feel like a break from your normal exercise routine isn’t it good to know that you can still do some good by doing nothing in a bath filled with your favourite BAVE soaks and salts.