Famous Bathers: Napoleon

Famous Bathers: Napoleon

Undoubtedly a man of action, effort, and resolve, the French Emperor also knew a thing or two about how to relax, recover and recharge. The Little General 'loved taking baths, which always had to be very hot. As Napoleon read the newspapers and took his baths, his servants would bustle around him, continually adding hot water to keep the bath at the right temperature'

Bourienne, a French Diplomat and close friend of Napoleon said:

"His partiality for the bath he mistook for a necessity. He would usually remain in the bath two hours, during which time I used to read to him extracts from the journals and pamphlets of the day, for he was anxious to hear and know all that was going on. While in the bath, he was continually turning on the warm water, to raise the temperature, so that I was sometimes enveloped in such a dense vapour that I could not see to read, and was obliged to open the door"

It appears that as well as great foresight on the field of battle (except at Waterloo, of course) Napoleon was also aware of the benefits of heat therapy before its benefits were widely known, a subject still undergoing much research today.

A man prone to sensitive skin, we think Napoleon would have enjoyed many a pre-battle Soak with our Benefit Bath Bundle.

Vive L'Empereur - Vive L'Bath Tub