History of Bathing: Onsen

History of Bathing: Onsen

Onsen (温泉): a Japanese hot spring used for bathing and relaxation.

The Japanese have a long and enduring bathing tradition that dates from ancient times to modern. One of Japan's oldest books, written in 720, makes reference to what is believed to be the oldest extant spring, Dogo Onsen, and there is evidence that it has been in use for over 3,000 years.

So enduring and ingrained is this habit that Japan is the country that boasts the highest average number of baths per week, with 6 per person.

So, how do these relaxing pools of joy form?

"The onsen process begins when rain, snow, and other forms of water seep into the ground, and that water is pooled once it hits the hard rock, forming aquifers. Normally this water is collected as “mineral water,” however when it is in the vicinity of magma, these waters are heated, creating pressure that pushes the waters back to the surface of the Earth’s crust. Then you have a hot spring"

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