Famous Bathers: Victor Hugo

Famous Bathers: Victor Hugo

Author Victor Hugo, whilst living on the Island of Guernsey after his exile from France, indulged in an unusual bathing ritual that involved dousing himself in icy water and rubbing his body with a horsehair glove, all the while on the roof of his home in full view of the townspeople.

"At eleven o’clock, congested by the sun or the heat from the stove, perspiring from every pore, he undressed and bathed in ice-cold water which had been left outdoors overnight."

But his bathing didn't end there:

"He went sea-bathing at least three times a day. He had Stapfer records, a remarkable theory on how to take sea-baths. One had to select a deserted part of the beach where there was a rock dominating the sea. After running about sufficiently to perspire profusely, one had to undress as quickly as possible and plunge into the sea"

We encourage everyone to embrace their own bathing habits and quirks but suggest erring on the side of caution when it comes to public nudity.