what to do in the bath

What To Do In The Bath

Put down your snorkel. Discard those goggles. This isn't a workout, but rather an exercise in the art of unwinding. You’ve got the lights down, possibly lit a candle or two, the door is firmly locked and the phone on 'Do Not Disturb'.

This is your time. Time to let a hot bath filled with your favourite BAVE soaks and salts work its magic. Time to relax, recover and recharge your body and mind.

Ok, you might be happy to just lie back, close your eyes, clear your mind and let those stresses and strains slip away. But sometimes we need something to redirect our thoughts and help us on the journey to a happy place.

As confirmed Bathletes we know that a good book, some great sounds, or even a little bit of meditative guidance can make a good bath into a great one. You probably have your own favourites, but here are some bathtime companions you might like to try.

Follow the links to check out the BAVE Book Club for a rundown of our favourite reads, or tune in to the BAVE Music Playlist and listen to our ultimate chill-out collection.

Or if you need a vibe check? Chat, track and work on your mental wellbeing with Heyr - the messaging app that gets to know you through quick chats and check-ins, and suggests exercises to help you stress less, build confidence, prevent burnout and more. Earn points with every check-in and claim rewards from BAVE and Heyr exclusives, updated weekly. Powered by AI that merges preventative therapy with the insights of psychologists and clinical experts. Try for 3 mins each day and stay ahead of your game.

It's your valuable time in the tub. Make sure you spend it in the way that you most enjoy